beach soccer world cup 2021 results

beach soccer world cup 2021 results, Play to experience Shiva and Ananth’s joy and share your stories with us

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beach soccer world cup 2021 results

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KO Series Day 10 Schedule

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  • beach soccer world cup 2021 results, You can choose to play with the same player or with a different one.
    PlacePlayerPrizeBounty payment
    3Jonathan “jgjg3000” Gill$10,945$3,953
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    WPT #06 Mix-Max Championship Day 2 Top 10

    The spinners have got the remaining 38% of the wickets.You are free to experiment with the spin and understand what spins work for you in which situation.Everyone irrespective of their nationality, age or gender has tried the game at least once beach soccer world cup 2021 results,

    DateTime (CET)Day
    Sun 25 Nov20:001A
    Thu 29 Nov20:001B
    Sun 2 Dec20:001C
    Mon 3 Dec20:001D
    Tue 4 Dec13:001E Turbo
    Tue 4 Dec20:00Day 2
    Wed 5 Dec20:00Final Day